BA Functional English



Orientations    : Media Studies/Literature

Duration         :Three academic years with six semesters


  • To enable learners to develop excellent communication skills in English.
  • To equip the learners with great command over all the macro skills of English.
  • To develop in learners a taste in English language and Literature.
  • To help learners identify the innate creative and critical faculties in them and to nourish them properly.
  • To enable students to use English language for their own personal and professional needs and success.
  • To develop in learners life skills and critical thinking abilities to meet varied challenges in life.
  • To give students ample exposure to and down-to-earth experiences in the use of English in different professionals domains.

Program Content

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Functional English is a program designed to equip the learners with outstanding practical skills in the spoken and written aspects of English and  to prepare them to meet the existing and emerging needs of the corporate world. Though a major share of the courses taught is somewhat related to English literature, the program’s orientations include practical communication skills, media studies/journalism, ELT, Business English and content writing. The program consists of core, complementary, elective and common courses which are designed to meet specific learning objectives/outcomes. The details of each course and its respective semester can be had from the link given below.


  • The role of English as a lingua franca to link people from different geographical and cultural backgrounds has become all the more inevitable with the advent of the digital era and the internet. The increasing means for mass mobility and disappearance of ‘pure’ physical nations and cultures have further necessitated the wide use of English as a language for global interaction and commercial transactions. A sound knowledge and practical skills in English are now considered as a real barometer of education.

    BA in Functional English opens up a variety of opportunities for the learners because they will get enough orientations to choose from many a channel to pursue their higher studies/future careers. After completing the program, the learners can opt for masters in English language/literature/communicative English/Linguistics/ELT or can channelize their tastes to mass communication /media studies because the program includes courses in these disciplines. The courses like Business English, Advertising Theory And Practice, Creative Writing and ELT have many practical elements to kindle learners’ tastes to find great careers in teaching/the corporate sector.

    This course is apt for those who have aptitude and specific taste in getting practical and professional exposure to many domains where English is a must for success.

Higher studies options

  • Master of Arts in English and Communicative Studies
  • Master of Arts in Communicative English
  • Master of Arts in English Literature
  • Master of Arts in Computational linguistics
  • Masters in Mass Communication/Journalism
  • Masters in Linguistics/ELT/culture studies/translation studies

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Co-curricular activities

The department has consistently organized many creative and academic activities to give the students enough exposure and extensive practice in many aspects of learning, communication and life skills. Regular visits to Newspaper bureaus/ Media broadcasting Centres to learn the practical sides of mass media, translating Malayalam works of reputed writers to English, publishing a full-fledged English Newspaper and a print magazine, arranging talks of academics at national and international levels and interactive sessions with great scholars and native speakers , hosting national seminars on specific topics and  conducting regular inter-departmental contests make the list pretty long.