MA English

Program Overview

MA English is a 2-year post graduate course in English language and literature. It is divided into four semesters in each of which students have got to study  four courses  along with  a dissertation in the last semester .The courses cover English literary studies, theories, criticism and pedagogy, Lingustics,  ELT and writing for the media.

The program aims at giving ample exposure and in-depth familiarity with diverse aspects of literature written across the world in different genres. The sixteen courses to be done to complete the program intend to prepare the learners to appreciate literature written in English and other regional languages, to critically analyse literary texts to uncover semantic underpinnings dexterously woven between lines, and to get profound insights to the organisation, complexity and workings of the English language. Another primary objective of the program is to ensure the students advanced mastery over all the four macro skills of English.

Syllabus (2019 admission)

The course is a combination of modern and ancient English literature, consisting of three main areas of focus, i.e. Prose, Poetry, and Drama. The course includes literature by not just British writers, but works written by authors across the globe or those great works which have been translated into English. Cultural, political and historical contexts of English language and linguistics are explored on an advanced level.

MA English Syllabus (2019 onwards)