Program Overview

BSc Mathematics is a 3-year graduate program in Mathematics. The course is divided into 6 semesters of which first 4 semesters contain English and second language (Malayalam/Arabic/Hindi/Urdu) courses. Statistics and Computer Science are included in the curriculum as subsidiary papers. Mathematics papers include Calculus, Geometry, Vector Calculus, Analysis, Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics and Linear Programming.

Program Objectives

The program aims to develop mathematical thinking and provide broad and balanced knowledge and understanding of definitions, concepts, principles and theorems. It intends to provide students sufficient knowledge and skills enabling them to undertake further studies in mathematics and its allied areas on multiple disciplines concerned with Mathematics. Further, it encourages the students to develop a range of generic skills helpful in employment, internships and social activities.

Program Outcomes

By successfully completing the program, learners are expected to develop:

  • Mathematical thinking will be developed in Students.
  • Students can practice mathematical way of problem solving.
  • Students acquire basic mathematical skills & knowledge for solving various scientific and engineering problems.
  • Students become employable; they will be eligible for career opportunities in teaching and other various industries.
  • Students gain basic subject knowledge required for higher studies, professional and applied courses.