Program Overview

M.Sc. Mathematics is a 2-year post graduate (PG) programme in Mathematics. It is divided into 4 semesters and covers 15 core courses, 4 elective courses and a project in the last semester. The courses offered include Mathematical Analysis, Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics and Linear Programming.

Program Objectives

The main objective of this program is to enhance mathematical skills and understand the fundamental concepts of pure and applied mathematics. It aims to nurture the interests of the students towards problem solving aptitude and to cultivate a mathematical way of problem solving. Further, it aims at motivating students for research in mathematical sciences.

Program Outcomes

By successfully completing the program, learners are expected to develop:

  • Students master the mathematical way of problem solving.
  • Students attain the ability to identify, formulate and solve challenging problems in Mathematics.
  • Students become employable; they will be eligible for career opportunities in R&D, teaching and other various industries.
  • Students are aware of their professional, social and ethical responsibilities.