• To build a strong foundation of knowledge in different areas of Commerce
  • To develop the skill of applying concepts and techniques used in Commerce
  • To develop an attitude for working effectively and efficiently in a business environment
  • To integrate knowledge, skill and attitude that will sustain an environment of learning and creativity among the students
  • To expose students about entrepreneurship
  • To enable a student to be capable of making decisions at personal and professional level

Program Content

Total number of courses for the whole B.Com Programme is 31. It is divided into courses namely:- 1. Common courses 2. Core courses 3. Complementary courses and 4. Open courses. Four Common Courses (BC3A11 Basic Numerical Skills, BC3A12 General Informatics, BC4A13 Entrepreneurship Development BC4A14 Banking and Insurance), all the Core Courses, Complementary and Open Courses for B.Com Programme shall be taught by Commerce Faculty. Our course specialization is Computer Application. Four specialization papers namely Computer Applications in Business 2. Business Information Systems 3. Office Automation Tools 4. Computerized Accounting with Tally are studied at fifth and sixth semesters. Department provides Basic Accounting as an Open Course to students from other departments. The fourth/fifth semester students shall be taken under the supervision of faculty members to business or industrial units so as to enable them to have firsthand knowledge about location, layout, managerial functions, H R management or any area of study as per curriculum. Study tour to an industrial/business centre will form part of curriculum. The report submitted by the student in this respect shall be considered as one of the assignment of any one of the courses in the concerned semester.




B.Com is one of the most sought after career oriented professional programs offered at the master‛s level. A B.Com degree opens up innumerable career options and opportunities to the aspiring managers both in India and abroad. A B.Com program also prepares one to start a business of his/ her own in the capacity of an entrepreneur.

After the completion of the B.Com course, a student can pursue a career in Banking, Insurance, Investments, Equity Research Analyst, Financial Accounting & Auditing, Auditing & Cost Accounting, Company Secretarial Practice, Foreign Trade Practice &Procedures, Financial Consultancy, etc. In addition, the student can pursue higher studies.

In the context of today’s globalized economy, it has become increasingly important to develop an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the contemporary business environment and our B.Com course has been streamlined to reflect just that. Its aim is to construct a strong foundational grounding in core subjects such as Accounting, Taxation, Economics, Cost accounting, Auditing, along with a choice of Business information system ,Computerized Accounting with tally and office automation tools  studied in the fifth and sixth semester. The course is challenging, yet, rewarding for students with high aspirations. Our students have been sought after by employers for their excellent knowledge, skills and attitude, giving them an edge over their peers from other institutions.

They will be trained in Tally, Excel and Advanced Excel to be on par with industry standards locally and in the global arena.

Higher studies options

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Masters of Commerce (M.Com)

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Certified Public Accounting (CPA)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)