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Crafting Well-Rounded Scholars

  • To mould the prospective students to be educationally, socially, culturally and politically adept and adaptable individuals.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching, learning and research by capitalizing on the technological tools and by creating a conducive environment for self-learning, independent pursuit of knowledge and innovative pedagogic practices.

Aspiring for Excellence

To strive to be one among the foremost centres of higher education by imparting distinctive quality teaching and learning, professional excellence and superb employable skills.


Excellent instructional practices Independent and lifelong learning Individual responsibilities. Personal honesty and professional ethics


Learn to Prune is the motto of the college which implies that learning has to bring about cognitive and qualitative changes in the learners so as to enable them to locate and realise the skills and habits they have to sharpen to be adaptable and adaptive to the ever-changing world.


The College Council, led by the Principal, manages issues related to accommodation, instruction, and discipline referred by the Principal. It focuses on decisions concerning promotion, term certificates, scholarships, and collaborates on serious student misconduct cases.


The College, affiliated with the University of Calicut, adheres to university and government regulations for admissions and course conduct, typically announced annually in June-July, with online application procedures centralized by the University.

Government Arts and Science College Kondotty, popularly known as GASCK, was established in 2013 as per GO .(M.S) No.565/13/H.E.D dated 17/08/2013 and is located in a lush green village called Vilayil-Parappur which is about 12 KMs away from Kondotty town and 15 KMs far from Calicut International Airport. Affiliated to the University of Calicut, the college offers five undergraduate (UG) and two postgraduate (PG) programs which include new generation job-oriented programs like BTHM and Functional English. Within a short span of time, the college could find its niche in academic, social, cultural and athletic domains due to the committed and concerted efforts of the teachers, students, administrative staff and the local community around. The AISHE code of the college is C-48450

Located in a greenery blessed surrounding and engulfing purity of village life, the college functions as a prospective centre of knowledge and instruction for hundreds of students around who really belong to the under privileged sections in the society. The majority of the student community currently pursuing their studies at the college belongs to the different sections of minorities in the society. A good chunk of them are OBCs/SCs/STs. Though started in 2013, the academic environment in the college is on a par with any other well established institutions around.

As a bold step to further the right to and spread of education to the still side-lined sections in the society, the Government of Kerala in power in 2013, decided to set up government colleges in all constituencies where there is no such college. Mr. Mammed Unni haji, the then MLA of Kondotty Constituency took commendable initiative to find free land in a suitable location for a centre of higher education in his constituency. When the local leaders like Mr. Gafoor haji and Mr. Alavi Haji gave unparalleled support to bring the college to Vilayil, a village located at Cheeckode Panchayath and the Vidya Poshani Educational Trust donated the required land setting an imitable model, a distant dream for many underprivileged villages around turned into a surprising reality.

The committee of Madharul-Uloom Higher Secondary Madrasa, cheriyaparamb did all the required arrangements and facilities to start the college in 2013 in its building and the college was functioning there till it shifted to its own campus in September, 2016. Dr. K Abdul Hameed, Retired Principal, EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kondotty was the first Special Officer of the college. Then, Dr.AK Abdul Gafoor of Govt College, Menchantha, was given additional charge of Special Officer till the appointment of the first Principal Prof.K Jayakumar in 2013. The college, till now, has had remarkable contributions from successive Principals like Dr. Kunheenkutty, Dr. Vasudevan Nair, Dr. Abdul Latheef (in charge) Dr. Laila, Dr. Elizabeth, Dr. Muhammed Rafeeque, Dr. Haridasan and Dr. Krishnankutty. The college is now heading to great milestones under the dynamic principalship of Dr. AK Abdul Gafoor.

1Dr. KUNHEENKUTTY.M13-06-201423-09-2014
2Dr. V. SURENDRAN NAIR08-10-201431-03-2015
3Dr. ABDUL LATHEEF.V (full additional charge)01-04-201509-07-2015
4Dr. ELIZABETH JOHN10-07-201517-09-2015
5Dr. ABDUL LATHEEF.V (full additional charge)18-09-201510-12-2015
6Dr. M. LAILA11-12-201501-07-2016
7Dr. ABDUL LATHEEF.V (full additional charge)04-07-201628-03-2017
8Dr. P. MOHAMED RAFEEK29-03-201731-03-2017
9Dr. ABDUL LATHEEF.V (full additional charge)01-04-201731-05-2017
10Dr. HARIDASAN. P01-06-201729-12-2017
11Dr. KRISHNANKUTTY30-12-201713-06-2018
12Dr. ABDUL GAFOOR. A. K14-06-201831-05-2020
13Dr. ABDUL LATHEEF V (full additional charge)01-06-2020--- --- --- ---

The College Development Committee (CDC) is a mandatory body which includes the District Collector as its Chairman and the Principal as Convener. Other members include the Vice President of PTA, the President of Alumni Association, Chairman of the College Union, the Executive Engineer of the PWD-Buildings Division and four persons nominated by the Director of Collegiate Education. The committee is responsible for identifying infrastructural requirements of the college on priority basis and utilising the funds available in matching grants heads. The committee also takes active role in assessing the overall needs of the college for ensuring quality in teaching and learning. The Committee has powers to accept donations from the public. The staffs of the college are also permitted to make collections towards the fund in the name of the “College Development Fund”. An amount equal to the funds raised by the Committee towards the college development fund be given by the Government as grant. The grant will be paid taking into account the collections made up to the 31st of December every year.

Sl.No.NameDesignationPhone No.
1Sathian P JosephSenior Supdt.8281433430
2Daniel JohnHead Accountant9446961994
3Kamarunnazeeda YakkipparambanSenior Clerk9497895941
4Muhammad Salih K VSenior Clerk9447336325
5Jisha P PClerk9946814500
6Deepa V RSel. Gr. Typist7510854890
7Rajeevan. K. VAttender8281472344
8Bijesh COffice Attendant8848265759
9Sreenivasan. C. COffice Attendant9946706421
10Vanaja OlariyanSweeper9037677654
11Appukuttan B PSanitation worker9747708665
12Sailesh SasiNightwatchman8330876758

GASCK Code of ethics/conduct is a guide of principles designed to provide guidelines to the college community to conduct their work honestly and with integrity. It outlines the mission and values of the college, the ethical principles based on the organization's core values, and the standards to which each member of the college must aspire to. It incorporates the essential code of ethics prescribed for employees in KSR, handbook of DCE and the guidelines of UGC.


The College Council chaired by the Principal is responsible for ensuring the effective management and functioning of the institution and for planning its future development.

  • It envisions the mission and strategic vision of the institution, long-term academic plans and ensure that these goals are achieved in a time-bound manner and that they meet the interests of stakeholders, including students, local communities, government and others.
  • It monitors institutional performance and quality assurance arrangements which should be, where possible and appropriate, benchmarked against other institutions.
  • It ensures compliance with the statutes, ordinances and provisions regulating their institution, including regulations by Statutory bodies, such as UGC, as well as regulations laid out by the State government and affiliating university.
  • It ensures that non-discriminatory systems are in place to provide equality of opportunity for staff members and students.
  • It ensures that the Institution implements reservations of seats for students as per government norms.


Being the cadres of Kerala Education Rules & Service, the teachers of this College should follow the code of conduct laid down in Kerala Service Rules & Kerala Education Rules (KSR & KER) (>sevice-rules). They are also liable to abide by the guidelines provided by UGC for college teachers. The code of ethics of this Institution encompasses the following

  • Every Teacher shall discharge his/her duties efficiently and diligently to match with the academic standards and performance norms laid down by the government, UGC and the college.
  • Every Teacher shall update his/her knowledge and skills to equip himself / herself professionally for the proper discharge of duties assigned to him/her.
  • Every Teacher shall conduct himself/herself with absolute dignity and decorum in his/her dealing with the superiors, colleagues and students every time.
  • Every teacher must be punctual. No teacher shall absent himself/herself from duties at any time without prior permission from the authorities.
  • No teacher shall associate with any political party or take part in any other organizational actively, which is not in line with the duties and ethics of the teaching profession.
  • Every teacher must show integrity and honesty in their work by abstaining from plagiarism and other unethical practices.
  • No teacher shall act in any manner that violates the norms of decency or morality in his/her conduct or behaviour inside and outside the College Campus.
  • No teacher shall indulge in any action that disrupts the academic ambience of the College.
  • Every teacher in the service of the College shall strive for academic excellence in the discharge of his/her duties and conduct himself / herself in the manner of a perfect role model for others to emulate.
  • Every teacher must follow proper dress code.


  • Being the employees of the Government of Kerala, all the administrative staff of this College should follow the code of conduct stipulated by the State Government. The college has formulated its code of ethics for the administrative staff along the following lines.
  • Each of them should perform the duties assigned sincerely and diligently as well as with accountability.
  • The administrative staff should not, on any account, undertake any other job within the stipulated office hours.
  • They must not hamper the functioning of the college by engaging themselves in political or anti-secular activities.
  • They must not engage in remarks or behaviour that might be considered disrespectful to their colleagues or students.
  • They must be punctual.
  • They must be responsible for the proper use and maintenance of college equipment and furniture.
  • No administrative staff should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during office hours.
  • They must perform their duties with honesty and integrity.
  • They must show no discrimination on basis of gender, caste or religion.


  • The code of conduct for students shall apply to all sorts of conduct of students while in the campus. At the time of admission, each student would have to sign a statement consenting to abide by the framed codes and should also affirm undertakings that,
  • The student shall be regular in the classes and must complete his/her studies in the Institute.
  • He/ she must uphold academic integrity, be respectful to all persons, to their rights, to the college property and to the safety of others.
  • He/she must deter from indulging in any and all forms of misconduct including partaking in any activity off-campus which may affect the Institute’s interests and reputation substantially.
  • He/she must refrain from any act of discrimination (physical or verbal) based on an individual’s gender , identity, caste, race, religion or religious beliefs, colour, region, language, disability, marital or family status, physical or mental disability etc.
  • He/she must not carry or use of any weapon, ammunition, explosives or potential weapons, fireworks contrary to law or policy.
  • He/ she must not possess, consume, distribute and sell alcohol in the Institute and/or throwing empty bottles on the campus of the Institute.
  • He/ she must not indulge in ragging.
  • He/she must not resort to malpractices in examination
  • He/she must wear official ID cards while in the campus.
  • He/ she must uphold academic integrity and honesty by properly acknowledging use of the ideas, results, material or words of others.

Several central and State government scholarships are provided to to meritorious students as well as socially and economically challenged students. For further details visit the web links.

SI NoName of the SchemeLink
1E-Grant Scholarship
4Central Sector
7CH Muhammed Koya Scholarship
8Snehapoorvam scholarship
9Prof.Joseph Mundassery Scholarship
10Blind /PH Scholarshipwww.dcescholarship

College Mate is a freeware software conceived, designed and programmed by Praveen P, Govt. College Peringome and it offers an almost total solution to process and document various services connected with the functioning of a college. The software has options to deal with generating student profiles, nominal rolls, TC , conduct certificate etc . It also offers provisions to deal with various information related to staff , timetable , and other administrative matters. To obtain user name and password, you can contact the administrator of the college mate. The access to the software can be had from the college LAN through the link below.

Wisdom square is the inner courtyard in the college and it houses a stunningly finished work of art. At the centre, there is an uncapped pen which is placed on the pages of an open book for the reader to resume reading from where he/she has stoppped. The courtyard is named wisdom square because the book and the pen on it are two integral tools to open up and enter the vast world of wisdom. The architect’s imaginative mind keeps the onlookers reminded that those who step in to the college have to seek knowledge, grow wise and reach higher aims only with those two powerful and transformative instruments of wisdom- Reading and Writing.
The square, built in 2021 and jointly funded by the former Principal, Dr. Abdul Gafoor, AK, Vice Principal Dr. Abdul Latheef V, building contractor, Nishad and College PTA is a centre of inspiration both artistically and academically. The architect is Mr. Rajesh K Pannikode.

The College has a systematic mechanism to collect feedback from all stakeholders- students, teachers and parents etc. The feedback forms, especially designed for the purpose, are given to the respondents to register their responses regarding the academic, administrative and infrastructure facility and service that the college provides. The feedback collection is done, either online and offline, from students at the end of each semester.

This form is to be filled up by each teacher after giving (online) classes and it will be used as a document for the future reference.

BTHM Dept- Log Book


Commerce Dept- Log Book


English Log Book


Mathematics Dept- Log Book


Urdu Dept – Log Book


General Departments -Log Book

Since the college is only seven years old, most of its Alumi are still students and are not financially sound to contribute much to their alma mater. In spite of this fact, the college has a strong and effective alumni which is registered under Societies Act.
The major focus of the Alumni is to support the college to achieve its mission. To achieve this goal the Alumni engaged in the following activities:

  • Financial Assistance: Alumni took up the task of constructing an entry gate to the college, when there was no entry gate in the Main road. This effort is remarkable in the sense that most of them were not earning members.
  • Contributed financial assistance to one of the alumni, who was a cancer patient
  • Contributed food and clothes to the needy , during the Kerala flood in August 2019 and Landslide at Kavalappara and Puthumalai.
  • Higher Education Guidance: Some of the alumni are studying in premier institutes like, Hyderabad Univerity, MAANU, HCU, AMU, Central Universities of Kerala, Kashimr, etc. Alumni arranged guidance sessions to the students of the college to help them clear national level entrance tests and admission to reputed institutes.
  • Interaction with current students: Alumni arranges interactive sessions to the current students on career opportunities, life outside the state, etc. from time to time.
  • Helping student union in matters like fund rising, conducting programmes, magazine editing and publishing etc.