GASC Kondotty



The college is located in a rural area and there are many families who are economically poor and cannot realise their cherished dream of having a house. Realizing the need to help them, the college NSS Unit decided to undertake an initiative of constructing at least a house every year, and handing it over to the most deserving family. The project is named ABHAYAM/ A HOUSE A YEAR 


1.To provide houses for the neediest and deserving families and thereby uplifting them.

2.To create awareness among the surrounding society about the social responsibility and necessity of

helping others.

3.To inculcate values like social commitment, empathy and dignity for physical labour in our students.

Context: Immediately after the inception of the college in 2013, the University of Calicut sanctioned an NSS unit in 2014-15 academic year. The NSS Advisory committee that consists of Principal, NSS PO and representatives from the local community held a meeting at which the issue of homeless people in the locality was raised. A preliminary enquiry conducted by the NSS unit helped us to understand the gravity of this issue. Thus, the college started an initiative which was later named as ABHAYAM/ A HOUSE A YEAR to construct and donate house for the most deserving families.

Practice: NSS unit identifies the most deserving family by communicating with college community, peoples’ representatives and the local community. Alternatively, individuals/people’s representatives like ward member/block member can give written requests for being included in the project in the beginning of each academic year. The NSS PO and representatives from both students and faculty visit the family concerned and ensure their claim for the house. The college community and volunteering organizations from the local community are actively involved in this project.

Fund raising: The NSS volunteers take lead roles in raising the required fund. Sponsors are approached to donate either cash or materials. Collections are also done in public places like bus stations. The college community also contributes their share to materialize the project.

Construction: NSS volunteers undertake jobs that can be done by them. Skill laborers are hired for specific jobs. Members of the local clubs are encouraged to extend their support in terms of physical labour.