GASC Kondotty




BA Urdu is a 3- year under graduation program (UG) in Urdu language and literature. It is divided in to six semesters. In each semester students have to learn 5 courses along with a dissertation in the sixth semester. In the entire program the courses are divided as Core Courses, Common Courses, Complementary Courses, Elective Courses and Open courses. In the end of each Semester, University conducts the end Semester Examinations and the results are published in due time. The course covers Urdu literary studies, poetic and prosaic genres, literary criticism, Linguistics, writing for the media, Translations, skills to apply Urdu to the ICT etc.


This three year BA programme aims at developing commendable level of mastery over Urdu language, very good communication skills in Urdu, considerable familiarity with literatures written in Urdu, the way of reading and appreciating literature from different angles and orientations etc. In addition to this, the program, through different courses offered, tries to inculcate democratic, multicultural, secular, environmental and gender sensitive values to cater to the modern notions of equity, social justice and merit in all educational endeavors.


By successfully completing the program, learners are expected to develop:

  • Ability to speak, write, communicate and cascade their ideas to others in Urdu.
  • Ability to understand the characteristic features of various Urdu poetic and prosaic genres.
  • Skills of assessing and interpreting the import of poetic or prosaic pieces.
  • Critical abilities to interpret and understand literatures in Urdu language.
  • Ability to perceive and imbibe the values and ethics related to different domains of life and living.