GASC Kondotty



ORICE, expanded as Online Resource Initiative of Collegiate Education (ORICE), is a programme of Department of Collegiate Education, Govt. Of Kerala. The programme envisages that each college constitutes a full-fledged big room cum studio, which is suitable for the conduct of online classes, video conferences, and content dissemination and preparation. The project aims:

a) To digitize and preserve the classes of the eminent academics of yester years in the field of higher education in Kerala for the use of future generations.

b) To make available digitally the pedagogical techniques of eminent academics in various fields of study.

c) To make available the lectures regarding emerging areas in various disciplines by eminent experts in the respective fields.

d) The curriculum based topic wise lectures in different subjects will be made available by the faculty having expertise in the different topics of the arts and science colleges and Universities in Kerala.

e) The lectures of the Nobel Laureates and other scholars within India and abroad and their interaction with the faculty and students will be made available in the portal.