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Academic Reciprocity with the Community (ARC) is an initiative by the college to strengthen the neighboring community academically for their continued service and support to the college right from its beginning in 2013. As a part of this, the College has decided to extent academic support to the SAKAN an orphan care project, initiated by CBMS Orphanage, Vilayil for uplifting the orphans.The project adopts the orphans and takes care of their educational needs, life expenses (1500/head) and overall caring. These students are free to live in their own homes and to pursue regular studies. They have to come to CBMS once in every two weeks (Sunday), to attend additional classes on their school subjects, personality development, moral studies, career planning and skill development. The college creates a pool of teachers and students who are willing to give individual tutoring sessions on school subjects or general sessions on motivation/personality development/ career guidance to the orphans adopted in the SAKAN project. Then, the college ARC Coordinator, hands over the list to the SAKAN Coordinator at CBMS Orphanage who does the follow up and further steps to arrange the sessions. Periodic meetings are held to review/(re)plan the efficacy of the support

Modus Operandi

  • College level Coordinator is nominated by the principal or voluntary willingness is sought from faculty member
  • An Academic Support Team (AST) is formed by intimating students to register their names if they are willig to be part of AST for ARC. PG and Final Year UG students are preferred.
  • Selection of students is prioritized based on their previous tutoring experience, teaching qualification, aptitude and knowledge.
  • Final list of Team members is communicated to SAKAN coordinator at CBMS.

Focus of areas

  • Faculty members focus on areas like career, counseling, personality and skill development.
  • Student members take care of individual tutoring for subjects like, English, Mathmeatics, Hindi, Urdu etc.


  • The service offered by the college is absolutely free
  • The college observes SAKAN DAY, to collect donations from the college community to financially support the programme. The collected amount is handed over to CBMS

Training of AST

  • An orientation session for the listed team members is given focusing on the nature of services, type of learners, understating their socio-familial back ground, basic counseling, etc Orientation is jointly lead by Coordinators.

Conduct of the Programme

  • A common session is arranged at CBMS in which AST members and all the learners will sit together and build up a rapport
  • SAKAN coordinator allots learners to AST members considering level of learners , learner requirements, etc.
  • SAKAN coordinator prepares a schedule of sessions and allots learners/ classes to the team members.


  • Sessions are given usually Sundays at CBMS and through online mode when required
  • Faculty members of AST engage common sessions for learners and parenting sessions
  • Student members of AST give tutorial lessons in subjects required

Benefits for the college Community

  • Faculty: They get an opportunity to serve the most deserving section of community. As a high salaried class, this gives them opportunity to feel the harsh realities of life
  • Students: They develop a strong civic sense, sense of responsibility and social commitment. It reinforces their learning and improves their level of knowledge. Develop their teaching, communication, and leadership skills
  • Benefits for CBMS As a charitable institution they get inspiration to take up similar projects to further advance their course of social service